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Black Box Specializing in financial accounting, bookkeeping, office management and administration services. Black Box is available for you, your customers, suppliers and your banks during usual office hours and after working hours, leaving you to run a successful business without the headaches of managing the paperwork or office personnel.

We provide our clients with regular financial statements including the actual and forecasting depending on business profile also day to day profit & loss statements so throughout the year you can see how your business is performing and we can offer you cost savings advice. Isn’t that better than finding out once a year, often more than 6 months after the year end?
Having a flexible approach to working with you means we can tailor our services to meet individual needs with clients businesses all over the United Arab Emirates.



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Black Box can help you save time and money by simplifying the accounting processes in your business. Imagine saving hours on data entry, eliminating piles of paper and reducing unnecessary filing. Access your accounts anywhere there is an internet connection and share important information with your team and trusted advisors with just a click of a button. And then to top it off – all this information can be used to compile your annual financial accounts – simply and cost effectively.

BlackBox to be a globally renowned,
multifunctional, that nurtures the spirit of innovation and creativity towards building a knowledge based society.

• Deliver the right solutions to our clients through long-term relationships built on experience, insight, and teamwork.
• Help our clients reduce their administrative costs while providing support of the highest quality.
• Create a business environment that attracts, develops, and retains the best talent.
• Provide stockholders with the best return on their investment.